5 top tips for less waste festivals

Can we have less waste festivals? We’re in the middle of festival season, with so many happening up and down the country, we’ve been thinking about how to cut down the waste. With the pictures from Glastonbury festival this year somewhat disappointing in terms of the waste left behind, I wanted to share some thoughts! Here are my top 5 tips for less waste festivals! What would you add to this list to create less waste festivals? 

1 Borrow

Borrow or rent camping equipment, from tents to chairs and sleeping bags, most of us have them lurking. If you borrow, you’re less likely to leave items behind, as you’ll want to return them safely to their owners!

2 Invest in a trolley

If you go camping or to festivals regularly, a trolley is a great way to transport items, especially a foldable one. We all know that a few days of partying can be exhausting, so make it easy for pack up and you won’t be tempted to leave things at the site! Plus if you have kids, it can double up as a seat or bed for tired little legs.

3 Reusables for the win

Invest in reusables. A good water bottle, reusable cup and some food bags can be a really easy way to cut down on throw away items.

Add a tub and some cutlery, you can still get take away, but ask for it in your own tub and save on the throwaway options. Rinse out with water after use and you’re good to go again the next day.

4 Pack smart

Think about what’s useful and pack accordingly, reusable wipes are just as good as single use, if not better, and you can simply cut up old towels to make them. Take a sealable, reusable bag to store and then add water when you need to use them. Things like inflatable chairs can be a great way to save space when packing too. Plus you can get collapsable washing up bowls, which makes packing even easier!

5 Take it home

Making your festival a waste free one doesn’t need to be stressful, just a little bit of planning ahead will help. And if you do generate waste, the best advice is, take it home with you and recycle what you can. Don’t leave it for someone else to clean up.

And if you’re interested in a festival which has sustainability at its heart, then check out @treehouse.af a festival aiming to be the UK’s first BCorp festival! Powered by a bio-diesel generator and much of the festival site itself hand-built with sustainable materials, it’s one to support if you love festivals and are looking to be more sustainable. 

They also encourage travelling sustainably by organising group cycles from Oxford train station 🚲 and have other initiatives including encouraging rewilding. 

Festivals needn’t be full of waste, especially if we all take steps to be responsible for what we take and use whilst we’re there. 

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