'About Hedgehog' by Dani Seatter

‘About Hedgehog’ is Dani’s third sustainably made book for early years. Dealing with important issues around childhood bereavement, Dani has created a gentle story to enable both children and parents, as well as early years practitioners and therapists, to begin to have those all important conversations around death and what that means. Whether children have experienced the death of a beloved pet, a family member or a significant bereavement with a parent or sibling, this book is the perfect way to help young children explore their feelings by creating a safe environment from which to do so.

Having experienced personal bereavement over the last few years, Dani has focused her extensive early years teaching experience to create this beautiful book. Dani has sought the advice of Dr Shelley Gilbert MBE, founder of Grief Encounter, a national childhood bereavement charity, who will receive a percentage from the sales of the book.

About Hedgehog Cover

A little bit more about the book…

Dani has once again collaborated with local businesses to create the book, with illustrations by local artist, Anna Stead, Thistlemoon, book layout and text design by Natasha Willmore, Culpepper and Co and printed sustainably through Andrew Siddall’s local printing company, Tewkesbury Printing.

Made on recycled 100% carbon balanced paper as certified by the World Land Trust and without plastic lamination, Dani leads the way in sustainable publishing again to prove that books can and should be made sustainably.

What Others Say About ‘About Hedgehog’

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