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Top Tips for Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is an amazing time to make some sustainable swaps. If you’re anything like me you’ll need time to turn your swaps into habits so my suggestion to you is to pick one or two of these top tips for plastic reduction each month and just see what a difference that makes by the end of the year. 

 Here’s my top tips for plastic free living.

  • Don’t aim to eradicate all plastic from your life. Simply aim to reduce it. Maybe focus on one area of your home.
  • Focus on one key area, such as, shopping, lunch on the go, cleaning or bathroom.
  • Replace finished products, don’t throw away items which you can still use.
  • Think about how you can build things into your daily routine, such as using a reusable coffee cup.
  • Test things out, switching to plastic free can be trial and error. You haven’t failed if you don’t like a particular product, keep trying until you find the one for you.
  • Make sure the plastic free option works for you. If it doesn’t you’re less likely to stick with it.
  • Don’t feel bad if you forget your reusables! We all do it! Just make a plan for reminding yourself the next time.
  • Some reusables can seem pricey compared to their single use counterparts. So take some time to work out the costs over a longer period of time.
  • Don’t judge yourself or others. We’re all at different stages of our journey.
  • Take time to consider the alternatives to single use plastic. Find the best swap for you.


 We hope you’ve all found our tips for plastic free living helpful. We’d love to hear about how you’re getting on. Make sure you tag us in any plastic swaps you make in July on your social media.


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Reusable Sanitary Pads Top Tips

  • try them out at home first – you’ll find it much easier to try the pads out at home so that you can gauge which pads are right for your flow. With our range of light, medium and heavy, a mixture of pads is ideal for different days and overnight.
  • rinse out in cold water before washing in the machine – this will help to rinse out any staining as cold water works better on this, then they can be popped into the washing machine on a normal wash.
  • use a small bin or bucket with a lid for putting used pads in before washing – that way you can keep them out of the way until you’re ready to wash in the machine.
  • buy enough to use, but don’t panic you can always mix and match with your usual pads until you work out how many you need – buy a reasonable amount for what you need, if you’re trying them out for the first time, you can continue to use them alongside your usual ones, so that you can work out how many you might need for one cycle.
  • use a wet bag when out and about for storing used pads, you can always use a bag you already have as long as it is waterproof  – this helps to keep any used pads away from other items.

Valentine’s Top Tips

1 Consider gifting a potted plant instead of cut flowers
2 When buying cut flowers look for locally grown instead of flown
3 There are some great small jewellers who are using recycled metals 
3 Refillable or recycled candles make a lovely gift
4 Choose recycled cards or make your own and buy bare (without packaging)
5 Choose a gift experience instead 

February Top Tips

Top tips for reducing food waste with overripe fruit

1 Make smoothies and milkshakes

2 Make pies and crumbles

3 Use them up in a sauce for desserts or main course

4 Make an old childhood favourite like banana custard!

5 Use up in muffins or breads and get the kids baking

January Top Tips

1 Focus on what you can do locally

2 Get out and about in your locality

3 Consider holidaying in the UK

4 Walk more

5 Pick one small change to make that you feel you will be able to sustain long term

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