Our Story

Meet our founder Dani, and find out where her idea for Eco-Able and its eco-friendly sustainable products and values came from, in her words.

I’ve always been thrifty. I blame my childhood! I remember cutting Christmas gift tags out of old Christmas cards, baking and mending items with my Mum. I don’t remember things being thrown away, everything was reused or repurposed in some way and I find myself naturally doing these things too.

I love all things vintage and I’m drawn to old fabrics and tea sets. I love the idea that items have a story and a past life, and I definitely won’t get rid of anything which I feel can be reused.

The idea for Eco-Able came about from a conversation I had with my sister about her efforts to reduce single use plastic and other items, when I realised that it can be overwhelming and difficult to find the right products or ideas. I wanted to create a place for discussion, sharing hints and tips and also to provide some of those products which I felt could be useful. I am really passionate about reducing waste and I really want to support small businesses, so I have brought these two things together in as many of my products as possible.

I want to leave a legacy to my children and to show them that taking one small step towards a more sustainable lifestyle is where we all start. Who knows where it could lead.