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Our Story

Meet our founder Dani, and find out where her idea for Eco-Able and its eco-friendly sustainable products and values came from, in her words.

I’ve always been thrifty. I blame my childhood! I remember cutting Christmas gift tags out of old Christmas cards, baking and mending items with my Mum. I don’t remember things being thrown away, everything was reused or repurposed in some way and I find myself naturally doing these things too.

I love all things vintage and I’m drawn to old fabrics and tea sets. I love the idea that items have a story and a past life, and I definitely won’t get rid of anything which I feel can be reused.

ecoable our story

The idea for Eco-Able came about from a conversation I had with my sister about her efforts to reduce single use plastic and other items, when I realised that it can be overwhelming and difficult to find the right products or ideas. I wanted to create a place for discussion, sharing hints and tips and also to provide some of those products which I felt could be useful. I am really passionate about reducing waste and I really want to support small businesses, so I have brought these two things together in as many of my products as possible. I’ll always champion small businesses and love the connection that I have with my suppliers.

Previously in my career I was an early years teacher and I’d always wanted to write children’s books. So I’m thrilled to have recently written my first eco themed and eco published storybook aimed at early years. ‘Away’ is a beautiful captivating story about how our waste affects animals and the environment. My hope is that every home and every school can use it to begin those important conversations about what we can all do to protect our planet. 

I want to leave a legacy to my children and to show them that taking one small step towards a more sustainable lifestyle is where we all start. Who knows where it could lead. 

As part of my continued commitment to living and running the business as sustainably as possible, I’ve recently completed the Sustainability Basics course with Small Business Britain and Oxford Brookes University Business School. I’m currently writing our sustainability policy and will continue to work hard on working towards a sustainable business model.