It’s wild garlic season and we wanted to celebrate the amazing gifts that nature brings us each and every season, by sharing this amazing wild garlic and cheese scones recipe!

We’ve been given a gorgeous wild garlic and cheese scone recipe to share from the fabulous @thegingernut_1 (our chief taste tester ie me, can confirm that these are delicious!)

Wild Garlic and Cheese scones 💚

500g Self raising flour
4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tspsalt
200g butter*
190g extra mature cheddar*
60g red Leicester*
200 ml milk*
2 large handfuls chopped wild garlic leaves

Mix salt, flour and baking powder.
Rub the butter* in. Stir in garlic and cheese*. Add milk*. Knead to a dough. Roll. Use ridged scone cutter, Glaze with milk*. Bake at 200 for 10 mins.

*substitute vegan alternatives

Be mindful where you take your wild garlic from, get permission if appropriate, only take what you need and take just the leaves. Leave the plant to continue to grow 🌱

wild garlic and cheese scones
Photo credit @thegingernut_1

We love the way nature provides beautiful free produce, and would love to hear about your wild garlic recipes or other recipes using natural produce. If you have a go at making these then we’d love you to tag us in your pics over on instagram, you can find us there as @eco_able

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