Woven dishcloth


100% organic eco cotton plastic free woven dishcloth.

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Gorgeous, handmade woven dishcloth, plastic free and made from 100% organic recycled cotton. A practical and durable dishcloth made from natural materials and completely plastic free. This cloth is ideal for washing up, wiping worktops and other surfaces. Compostable when it comes to the end of use, making it a great eco friendly alternative for your dishwashing needs.

Made by hand by our supplier in Worcestershire, this dishcloth is also part of our Dishwashing box of swaps, a complete set of dishwashing products. All designed to give you the best eco friendly washing up items for your home. We think that swapping to eco friendly products should be easy! Which is why you can shop our complete dishwashing box of swaps as well as all of the items individually, so that you can find the products that meet your needs.

Eco friendly products can be super stylish as well as practical and this woven dishcloth proves exactly that! Who says eco products can’t be stylish too?! Not us! We search for stylish and practical products, which you’ll love to have in your home. We believe the two go hand in hand, all you have to do is decide who will do the washing up!

The added loop is used to hang up to dry in between uses, this will help to keep the cloth in good condition. Beautifully designed and hard working, this cloth will work hard on your crockery, and pots as well as your surfaces to gently clean. Wash your cloths regularly to keep them free from dirt and keep dry in between uses.

These fab little cloths can be either hand washed or machine washed at 40c. When wet, reshape and then air dry. For use in the kitchen or bathroom, a great, durable cleaning cloth for the home.

They measure approximately 21 x 21 cm.