Eco dishwashing


This ingenious box of swaps has fabulous eco friendly products, designed to make dishwashing simple and effective, whilst maintaining eco friendly credentials.

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This ingenious box of eco dishwashing swaps includes fabulous, eco friendly products designed to make dishwashing simple and effective. Most importantly these swaps maintain eco friendly credentials.These carefully curated products have been designed to work together as efficiently as possible to make the washing up easy! Also these selected products will help make the switch from plastic kitchen items to eco friendly alternatives. So less waste and less plastic will end up in landfill. This box is designed as a starter pack for you to get your eco kitchen underway!

The box contains:

  • Wooden pot brush – FSC® certified beech wood
  • Woven dishcloth – made from recycled cotton
  • Hemp pan scrub – 9cm diameter

The little wooden pot brushes are a washing up hero, they work brilliantly on pots and pans. For more delicate items use the hemp scrub to gently remove dirt and grime. The pan scrub and woven dishcloth both come with a hanging loop, so you can hang them to dry in between uses.

Our dishcloths are handmade using recycled cotton meaning they can be washed and reused time and again. At the end of life they can be cut and popped into the compost. As can the hemp pan scrub. This eco dishwashing set really is waste free, long lasting and looks great in your kitchen too so now all you have to do is decide who is going to do the washing up!

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