Wet bag


Large wet bag for nappies, with two separate pockets for wet and dry nappies and a removable mesh bag. Large enough to hold around 5/6 nappies.


A large wet bag designed for storing both wet and dry nappies, complete with separate pockets and a detachable net bag for easy washing. Store your dry nappies in one pocket and your wet nappies in another. An ideal size for taking out and about with you. Suitable for nursery, as it can store a good number of nappies and wipes. Use with our reusable nappies, which are available in one size, fitting from birth to potty, making them ideal for a growing baby.

With disposable nappies filling our landfills, by choosing reusables, you’re directly cutting down on waste!

Each bag features two layers of waterproof PUL fabric with no internal bottom seam for maximum containment. The bags can hold around 5/6 nappies, making them ideal for use out and about. With two pockets for storing wet and dry nappies. They also come with a loop for attaching to the pram/buggy. In this cute wellies design.

Fabrics used are all tested to Oeko Tex 100.

These wet bags can double up as wash bags, swim bags, or for storage. You can find our complete range for baby here in our Eco baby Box of Swaps, all items are sold separately as well.

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Wet bag

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