Upcycled reusable crackers


With our upcycled reusable crackers you really are getting an amazing low waste product!


With our upcycled reusable crackers you really are getting an amazing low waste product! Made with sari fabric which we source from the amazing PriPri, these upcycled crackers are simply stunning. Lined using upcycled cottons, we think they are a gorgeous addition to any festive table. In a range of bright and colourful designs, these reusable crackers can be used for other occasions, such as, weddings, anniversaries, gifts, Easter, parties, birthdays and so much more.

We have two different versions for you; pullable crackers for those who love to pull their cracker apart and simple reusable ones for those who like having a gorgeous table cracker gift to open.

With each upcycled reusable crackers kit you will get:
  • 2 x pieces on material to make two single crackers (in the pullable set you will get 4 pieces of fabric to make 2 crackers)
  • 2 Christmas jokes made on plantable seed paper
  • 2 x tags
  • 4 x ribbon
  • 2 x string
  • tissue paper for hat making
  • full instructions
  • recycled cardboard sheet (this helps to give your cracker shape)

And in our pullable sari crackers you will get the same as above except you will get 4 x pieces of fabric as this is what you’ll need to make 2 crackers. You will get matching fabric so that your crackers are the same, the materials varies however, and are in a mix of designs and colours. Let us know if you have a preference in colour as we will try to match where we can from what is in stock or if you leave it blank we’ll pop in some we think you’ll love! Please choose reusable or pullable from the drop down menu (both cracker types are reusable, we just need to distinguish between the two varieties!)

All cracker kits come with full instructions and everything you need to make your own crackers, cracker gifts are not included, however we do have a selection of suitable gifts, see below.

Shop for our selection of cracker gifts in our Cracker fillers section and for our full Christmas range, shop in our Eco Christmas section.

We also have a free download for making your own colour in Christmas crowns, find it HERE.


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