Natural linen napkin set


Sustainability also looks good with a natural linen napkin set, durable and stylish, perfect for any table setting.


Sustainability also looks good with a natural linen napkin set. These subtle linen napkins with nature dots or hearts in soft tones are a perfect gift for people with an awareness of the environment.  With these enchanting and sustainable napkins every set table looks simply stunning. Whether at the breakfast table with the family, in the evening with your loved one or at a Sunday dinner with your parents, with these cloth napkins every meal becomes even more beautiful and delicious.

Linen is more resistant than cotton and so you can not only fold the napkins “normally” on the table, but also fold them wonderfully artfully. The natural linen napkin set comes in a pack of four. The material is characterised by its resistance and dries very quickly in the air and is also very absorbent. 

Care instructions:
Linen is a natural fibre and is more resistant than cotton. It is recommended to wash the linen napkins at up to 40 degrees in the washing machine. The linen loves to bathe in the water, so it is best not to overfill the washing machine. The napkins dry very quickly in the air, but a gentle drying cycle is also possible. You should iron the fabric napkins at a maximum of 150 degrees, although we also really like the natural wrinkling of the fabric. 

Grammage: 200 g / sm
Size: 45cm x 45cm
Durable and sustainable material

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Natural linen napkin set

Dots, Hearts