Bunny egg cup


How adorable are these bunny egg cup holders??!

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How gorgeous is this bunny egg cup?? We absolutely love them, plastic free, waste free and made from natural beech wood, we think these make the perfect gift especially at Easter.

Perfect for loved ones and little one, designed to make mealtimes and breakfast times fun. They are also great for kids, as they are made from sturdy wood, making them much less easy to break than china egg cups. Great for gifting too, as they come in a lovely box. They can also be used with chocolate Easter eggs too, making them the ideal Easter gift for little and big kids alike!

Our supplier Eulenscnitt recommends applying a little bit of sunflower oil before first use and then regularly thereafter, to help keep the bunny egg cup in good condition. They are best washed up in warm soapy water rather than in the dishwasher, as this will help to keep them working well and in good condition for longer. Dry straight away to keep the water from being absorbed.


15 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm

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