Bamboo flask


Beautiful high-quality bamboo travel mug. A yogi’s best friend made from Eco-Friendly Bamboo. Can be used for keeping water cold or Tea hot.

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Stylish stainless steel and bamboo flask, eco friendly and designed for hydration on the move. Beautifully simple, ideal to take out and about with you. It retains temperatures for up to 8 hours. Perfect for tea lovers as it has a removable tea strainer. If you like fruit teas, or infused water, it can also be used for that.

Truly leak proof, making it ideal for taking on walks, pop it in your bag and go. Great for those winter days, whether you travel to work or pop out for a dog walk. This will keep your drink hot and ready to drink.

With a clever removable tea strainer, you can infuse water in this bamboo flask or simply take good old fashioned tea with you. A great option instead of buying tea out, and getting a take away cup, making this a less waste option.

Fits most car cup holders, making it easy to take to work or anywhere on the move.

Made from Bamboo and food grade stainless steel.

Size approximately: 19.6cm tall and 6.5cm wide.

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