Animal storytelling discs


With these beautiful handpainted animal storytelling discs your little ones can use alongside our gorgeous eco storybook ‘Away’ for a range of activities.


These beautiful handpainted animal storytelling discs are perfect for your little ones to use alongside our gorgeous eco storybook ‘Away’. They can be used for a wide range of activities. Each one is handpainted with the animal illustrations on one side and the animal name in capitals on the other side. These discs are made from walnut wood and are CE tested enabling, them to be used in play

Some of the activities our animal storytelling discs can be used for:

  • storytelling and retelling
  • story sequencing
  • animal recognition and identification
  • capital letter recognition
  • capital letter formation
  • animal matching
  • exploring animal habitats
  • drawing and painting prompts for creating own pictures of animals
  • with two sets, animal matching games, memory games
  • role play and small world play

The discs come in a set of ten, which includes all of the animals featured in our storybook:

Badger, Fox, Owl, Mouse, Robin, Squirrel, Butterfly, Bee, Deer, Rabbit.

We love natural resources and are Inspired by Montessori. These discs are a wonderful resource for children to explore themes around storytelling, how to look after the world around them, woodland animals and so much more, all in conjunction with our book.

Made exclusively for us using the illustrations from our book by Bear and Rue. We love the beautiful, natural products they make and knew they would be the perfect fit for our educational resources. Ideal for using to develop the curiosity and learning of our young readers.

You can find our children’s book and activity packs plus other related resources and products here in our eco Children’s books section. The discs can also be used alongside any of our educational activity packs, all available for download.

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Animal storytelling discs

Pack of 10, Bee, Badger, Butterfly, Deer, Fox, Mouse, Owl, Rabbit, Robin, Squirrel