Why do we need to do more and why do we have sustainable goals? We’ve all seen the news, we’ve watched Blue Planet and we’ve read the articles about how we are facing a global climate crisis. As much as this can help us all to take action, it can also cause us to feel overwhelmed and when we feel overwhelmed we can retreat and feel unable to start.

It’s for that reason that Eco-Able has become a real passion of mine, because I really do recognise that so many people want to do more to reduce their consumption of single use items but either aren’t sure where to start, which products are really eco friendly, or feel so overwhelmed by having to shop around that it becomes too challenging. We’re all busy and trying to do our very best and I know that it can feel like we’re not doing enough. I see people who really care and want to do more, and who also want some understanding of how busy life can be. I’m on the same journey, learning about what can be recycled or not, the difference between compostable and biodegradable and much more, and I’m doing it with you. Without judgement.  So whatever your reason why we need to do more, we’re here with you to support you in your goals.

We are all taking steps, small steps, towards making ourselves and our homes more eco friendly and more sustainable, bit by bit. I think it’s important to take one step at a time to make changes that you can really sustain long term. Doing one thing well really can and does make a difference. Small steps to sustainability is the key. 

I really enjoy looking for eco friendly alternatives and working with other small businesses to bring you a range of products which are beautiful and eco friendly in one place, to make life easier. Making a switch to a bar of soap for example, instead of using shower gels, can reduce the number of single use plastic bottles in your home hugely, plus with soaps made in small batches using natural ingredients, you can ensure that they are ethical too. 

Knowing that you are helping to reduce the number of single use plastic that can end up on a beach in another part of the world is a really great motivator, simply by making a small change.

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