We know sleep is important and it’s something we struggle with at times, so we wanted to share our top tips for better sleep, things that we’ve tried and tested, using our five senses.


How dark is your room? We find that light plays an important part in not only getting to sleep but also the quality and depth of the sleep we experience. We like to use a reusable eye mask if we find the room too light, but black out blinds are also meant to work really well at keeping the room dark.


Having a scent associated with going to sleep can be a great tool to help your body and mind know when to switch off. We love using a pillow spray or roll on at bedtime to help make that switch between relaxing and sleeping. There are some great essential oils on the market and some blends which work really well for us.


Feeling comfortable at night greatly aids the quality of sleep, including the temperature of the room you sleep in! This can be especially difficult to manage at certain times and especially for women during menopause. We’ve found looking at what we wear to bed and how comfortable this is when lying down, to be important; natural fibres such as organic cotton can often be the best for maintaining a consistent temperature and can feel soothing to the touch. Think about your bed and bedding too, some mattresses can retain heat and this can be unhelpful if you get too hot at night. Keeping a window open a small amount can often help with maintaining the room temperature too.


Similarly to smell, having a taste associated with bedtime is something that we have found to aid sleep. Drinking something herbal can work wonders in calming the mind and body, in our experience. Camomile before bed each night can be useful in reminding your body that it is time to sleep! Whatever you choose, having something that you use every night really helps with the nighttime routine.


Sometimes we find ourselves unable to sleep due to racing thoughts, or perhaps thinking of all the things we need to do the next day. What we’ve found really helpful is choosing something to listen to when we go to sleep, such as a podcast, or audiobook or simply soothing noise such as a waterfall, ocean waves or rainfall. There are free sleep casts on audible and Headspace also do some incredible sleep casts and mindfulness audios to help with sleep.

We hope you’ve found our top tips for better sleep useful, we all know a good night of sleep is so important in keeping our minds and bodies healthy, yet it is often something that we struggle with from time to time and for some people, all the time. If you have any tips that you have found helpful, we’d love to hear from you.

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