We’ve been considering some top tips for reusing Christmas cards! This year more than any year, we all want to keep in touch with our loved ones. Having not seen many of our friends, relatives and loved ones for most of the year, sending cards just feels right. It’s the perfect way to keep in touch and send some festive cheer.

Sending cards which are recyclable and made from sustainable sources is so important too. This is why we love the cards that we stock.

We love thinking of new ways to reuse cards and have come up with some ideas for reusing them each year, to minimise waste:

  • Make into gift tags the following year, by cutting out the desired shape, use a hole punch to make a hole and add string, then add to your parcels
  • Add a piece of paper inside each card, to write on, this can then be removed afterwards and the card reused, add a new piece of paper each time!
  • Use in Christmas crafts 
  • Make into Christmas bunting by cutting into triangles, make two holes at the top and add onto a long piece of string or ribbon
  • Make into table settings, cut into any shape you like, you can add a fold at the bottom so that it can stand up
  • Make into little gift boxes, simply by folding the card, you can stick it into place if needed.
Tips for reusing Christmas cards

When buying cards, it’s a good idea to check what they’re made from, make sure that you choose recycled card or FSC Certified card/paper. Plus avoid plastic covered cards, and glitter, as these can’t be recycled afterwards, as even if you reuse as much as possible there will always be a little that needs to go into the recycling. You can buy ‘naked’ cards as well which means they don’t come in a plastic sleeve, another great way to cut down on waste.

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