It can be difficult working out how to make a change for the first time. There are lots of things to consider, cost, time and effort to name a few. So we’ve shared the top tips for switching to reusable nappies based on our blog post about this topic from our guest blogger Nicki Ryder.

  • Do some research – read about other people’s experiences about switching to reusable nappies, check out the nappy reviews, look at the various products available
  • Try out some products – buy a small amount of the nappies that you want to switch to, even just buying one and testing it out can be a massive change, you might also find some secondhand options
  • Take it slow – there is no rush, do it in a time frame that suits you and your lifestyle, especially if budget is a consideration
  • Be prepared – once you’ve made the decision and done some research you’ll know exactly what to expect and how you’ll manage it, so getting the equipment you’ll need will be the key to success
  • Get help – if you’re not sure where to start or how you’ll manage it, chat to friends and family and get them on board too, having support can be a game changer.
Reusable nappies

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