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Do you ever feel like you take one step forward and two back, especially in regard to slow fashion?

You’re not alone. 

Recently I slipped back into bad spending habits. I bought lots of new clothes, some I needed and some I definitely didn’t need, I just wanted. There are different reasons why we buy things that we don’t actually need and some of those reasons are due to the situation we find ourselves in. It could be due to mindset, stress, health, body image and many more, all of which play their part. Fast fashion is designed to make us want things, so slowing down the decision making process can help to combat this and to work in a slow fashion way.

Slow fashion
Slow fashion photos
Slow fashion pic

I was angry with myself for spending money on things that I didn’t really need. And frustrated. I felt like I had undone all the good work that I had done so far, things like, wearing more of my current wardrobe and buying secondhand. But I took some time to think it all through and understand the whys of my situation. Understanding what I really needed from making those purchases. That helped to gain a sense of perspective and to allow myself that moment of reflection. I thought about what my eco journey means to me. 

Something which I have become more aware is when I’m buying new clothes and other items, is to be much more conscious about where I am buying from, the types of companies and the types of products. With this in mind I have made a commitment to myself to shop with these in mind:

  • to buy from small independent businesses
  • buying ethical brands or ranges
  • buying natural fibres
  • buying things I need before the things I want
  • taking time to consider the purchase before I buy it.

I’m also including some top tips for you to consider before you shop new, something which I’ll be revisiting when I find myself tempted. I’m definitely not suggesting that we should never shop new, just that we should shop new mindfully and consciously and be aware of other reasons that might be behind our want to make those purchases. 

Top tips for slow fashion:

  • repurpose clothes which you already have, alter them to make a new outfit or a change
  • swap clothes with friends or family, your unworn items might be joyful for someone else
  • buy secondhand
  • sell unwanted clothes
  • take the time to fall in love with your wardrobe again, look at your clothes and restyle them, wear with different accessories to jazz them up.

And if you find yourself diverted from your own eco journey, simply take moment to stop and think. Don’t be hard on yourself, we’re all on our own journeys and will find different ways of reaching our goals. Bring it back to basics and start small. Simple steps, one at a time.

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