Wildflower seedbombs


Bee wild native wildflower seed bombs, with a mixture of native wildflower seeds.

Each pack contains 12 bee wild seedbombs which is enough to cover 2 sq m.

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Bee wild wildflower seedbombs, hand made in Dorset with a mixture of native wildflowers, ideal for gardens large or small.

Easy to scatter to your garden spaces and perfect for attracting insects to your garden. Made with natural red clay and super fine grade compost, helping to protect and nurture the seeds as they grow. The seed mixture includes annual species Borage, Corn Cockle, Cornflower and Poppy. Providing colour in the first year with a mixture of beautiful biennial and perennial species to create a permanent and colourful area of wildflowers.

No gardening required – throw your seed bombs onto a cleared ground. Then sit back and wait for your mini meadow and wildlife habitat to grow. Perfect for gifting, for other great gift ideas, check out our range of eco gifts.

Wildflower seedbombs are a great and easy way to add wildflowers to your garden, or pot, and as they don’t need a lot of looking after, you don’t need to be a gardening expert to grow them!

Support wildlife and the natural world by learning about nature and the environment, look up your local wildlife trust.

We donate to our chosen charity Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust to support the work they do.