Storytelling activity pack for Away


In our storytelling activity pack for ‘Away’ our eco themed children’s book, there are three focussed activities for use at home or in settings.


In our storytelling activity pack for ‘Away’ our eco themed illustrated children’s book, there are three focussed activities designed for schools, preschools, nurseries and families to explore storytelling. Our activity packs offer additional resources for both the story and wider early years curriculum. Ideal for extension topics as well as providing fun activities for children who have enjoyed the story. We’ve consulted with both early years professionals and SEN specialists to offer a balance of activities for children to enjoy. Whilst ‘Away’ is aimed at 3-7 year olds, activities can be differentiated to offer learning opportunities to children at a variety of different stages of development.

Included in this pack are three specific activities relating to storytelling, with downloadable and printable resources, including illustrations of our woodland characters flashcards and descriptive words. We have included group work, worksheets, and activities designed to enable creativity. Where we reference group work, this can be done in a family setting in the same way.

Ideal for using as a basis for discovering more about writing, telling stories and including our woodland friends. Our storytelling activity pack can be used in classroom, at home or out and about, as part of a wider exploration of stories, structure and how to write/tell your own story.

We proudly support Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust with a regular donation to help them continue the work they do, and can recommend their website for further reference.

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