Soap Pods


These handmade, natural, soap pods are ideal for soap and shampoo bars, simply pop your bar into the pod, either use in the pod or take out for use and hang pod up to dry in between uses.

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These lovely little soap pods are made from 100% organic recycled cotton and each one is made by hand by our supplier Willowtree Yarnery in Worcester. They make such a great gift when paired with a beautiful soap bar. They can also be used with our shampoo bars or conditioner bars to help to keep them dry in between uses. Or use them with our dishwashing soap bars as they can double up as a cloth/sponge when washing up as well. Versatile and beautifully designed, these really are clever little soap savers!

These soap pods are ideal for using to store your soap or shampoo bars, as they have a loop to hang them ups to dry in between uses. This will help the soap or shampoo bar to last longer as it won’t get sludgy like it would if left in water or a non-draining dish. You can take your bar out for use if you prefer, or use whilst in the pod and it will still lather up. A great tip for using with any size soap bar is if you find your bar is too large for the pod, simply cut the soap bar to the right size and store the remaining piece until needed, that way you can maximise the use of your soap bars.

Hang your soap pods for drying in between uses using the loop. You can also add pieces of soap to the pod, if you have the ends of bars, simply pop them in together to minimise waste! When you get smaller soap pieces at the ends of bars you can also add your new bar straight to the soap pod, just pop the soap pieces in together.

Soap pod design may vary slightly than shown due to the handmade nature of them. For longer lasting, rinse out the pod between uses and air dry Machine washable at 40C and reusable.