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An olive wood soap dish is the perfect companion to our soap and shampoo bars. It can help the bars to dry out between uses

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An olive wood soap dish is the perfect companion to our soap and shampoo bars. Beautiful natural design, this soap dish is not only practical but also stylish. A soap dishes with drainage holes can help your soap bars, shampoo bars and conditioner bars to dry out between uses and to prevent them from getting soggy and sludgy. As a result this will lengthen the life of the bars and help to keep them in good condition in between uses.

The olive wood soap dish is made from old olive trees, using the largest branches. Olive trees need to be pruned to produce a good tasty olive with high yield and also after a certain age the olive tree becomes damaged and unproductive, to keep up with the pace of nature, very old trees have to be replaced with new ones. The wood from the largest salvageable branches are used to make these dishes. Olive wood being a hard wood has a varying grain making every piece unique. Sustainably sourced and carved in Tunisia, as a bi-product from the olive industry, these dishes are all unique and have a slightly different look to them.

The wood has a wonderful stripy look to it, making it a stylish addition to your home, as well as being extremely practical, it’s a really lovely product for gifting for that reason. Add a gorgeous soap bar or two for a complete set or keep for yourself!

Ensure that the dish isn’t left to sit in water as this will result in the wood becoming wet and possibly damaged. To keep the soap dish in good condition, make sure it is cleaned regularly as this can help to prolong the life of it. Allow the dish to dry between uses and after cleaning to maximise its lifespan.