Reusable wipes


Large square wipes, made with soft jersey in colourful designs on one side and towelling on the other.

They are great as face cloths or baby wipes and can be hand or machine washed. (Set of 5)

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A pack of five reusable wipes, made in soft jersey and towelling and in a range of designs. Disposable wipes create vast amounts of waste, as they cannot be recycled and end up in landfill. These reusable wipes are a great eco friendly alternative and can be washed and reused. They are great for use as a wash cloth at bath times, for messy hands and faces, as baby wipes, make up remover wipes and for cleaning up when you’re out and about.

A good size for face and body and can be washed and reused. Our supplier Bonnie Pop Makes, uses the fabric scraps from her handmade clothes to make these reusable wipes, which means less wastage and a great product as a result. Due to the nature or production the the designs will vary between packs.They really are the perfect eco friendly product!

A wide variety of fun and colourful designs make these a great gift item too.

Our top cleaning tip is to scrub any particularly dirty wipes with a soap bar before washing as usual. The wipes can be washed on a 40C wash or hand washed.

We also stock round jersey wipes which are great for make up, especially taking off eye make up.

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