Reusable sponge


Reusable sponges, plastic free alternative for washing up. Made from natural fibres. Compostable.



This reusable sponge is both stylish and practical, a great zero waste option for cleaning. The machine washable sponge is made from natural fibres, ultimately sustainable and eco friendly.

These sponges are soft enough to be used on the skin as they are made with cotton and towelling, that’s why we have added them to our eco baby box of swaps. Gentle for use on the skin or around the home for washing or cleaning.

With most sponges and cloths made from plastic, which cannot be recycled or composted, this eco friendly sponge offers a more sustainable alternative. Plastic sponges are often used for a couple of weeks, during which time they add microplastic particles to the waterways, and then they thrown away, whereas, this reusable option can be used, washed and reused.

These reusable sponges are a such great sustainable alternative; made from natural fibres, can be machine washed again and again and eventually composted! Plus they’re so much prettier than a usual sponge!

The reusable sponge is made with a topper of patterned 100% cotton poplin, with a cotton towelling backing. Each sponge is filled with kapok fibre, a naturally lightweight fibre which is produced by the kapok tree.

Sponges measures approx 13cm x 10cm (approx due to the hand sewn nature of this product).

Care Instruction:
To get the best out of your sponge, squeeze out excess water after each use. Machine wash up to 40 degrees with the rest of your laundry. Cool tumble or air dry.

If you take good care of your sponge it should give you months of use. When it does eventually come to the end of its life, you can simply cut into pieces and home compost it.

All the items are individual and handmade, due to this please be aware that pattern placement may vary from product to product.

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Reusable kitchen sponge

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