Resistance bands


Set of five eco friendly resistance bands in gorgeous colours, 100% tree rubber latex, fully biodegradable and sustainable.

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These premium quality eco friendly resistance bands are ideal to get a full-body workout. They come in a storage pouch, ideal for keeping them dust and dirt free.

Use in yoga, pilates, strength and flexibility training as well as rehabilitation and great for stretching at the end of workout sessions as well.

Great for working on any area of the body, especially that peachy booty! You can use these resistance bands for upper body, lower body and full body workouts, easy to use and strong. Use the instruction leaflet to kick start your workout.

Stylish, lightweight, and portable, the bands come in their own biodegradable carry bag so you can take them anywhere.  Made from 100% tree rubber latex, they are both biodegradable and sustainable. We know that this is important, which is why we stock products from our supplier With Every Atom. We’ve selected the best eco friendly workout products, so that you can workout with piece of mind about your equipment.

They come complete with a handy instruction leaflet to help you kick off your workout and in a gorgeous colour selection.

For our range of eco friendly yoga/workout mats, and other related products, check out our Eco well being section.

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