Mood sprays


These mood sprays are a fabulous eco friendly option for those of us needing an energy boost for various different reasons.


These mood sprays are a fabulous eco friendly option for those of us needing an energy boost for various different reasons. Put the stresses and strains of everyday life on hold as you breathe in the aromas carefully created by Emma from Soul Star Sanctuary.

Our supplier Emma Sims runs an Energy healing practice, using Tera Mai Reiki, in Kent. All of the mood sprays are hand crafted by her using aromatherapy blends, with 100% organic doTerra oils and renewably sourced glass. Each blend has been created to enhance and protect your energy field and mood.

In our fast paced world Emma wanted to create a moment of harmony, love and peace in a bottle. The power of these oil blends directly effect and balance your mood in a positive way.  Emma explains: “inhaling the oils they break down into tiny particles and reach the brain within 22 seconds. Within 20 minutes every cell in the entire body will have been affected”. 

All mood sprays are 60ml in size.

Emma wants you to enjoy a moment of calm just for you! 

Blends available:

Protection ~ Protection contains the master healing oil, Frankincense. Its powerful combination of Geranium, Bergamot and Lavender can help seal your energy field to protect against negative energies and emotion. Spray into your aura, inhale and ward off unwanted bad vibes.

Intuition ~ Trust your inner guidance, your instinct and yourself. Intuition is designed to calm the mind and heal the soul. The blend of Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Vetiver and other oils creates a unique blend that allows your senses to be fully awakened.

Sleep Mist ~ Do you have trouble sleeping? This is the perfect remedy for sleep, Wild orange is known to help insomnia and cedarwood a natural sedative. Spray onto your pillow or after a bath at night and let the oils immediately calm the nervous system and allow for a better nights sleep.

Breathe ~ A moment of peace in a bottle. Essence of Peppermint, when inhaled, can bring clarity of thought and focus, relieve headaches and blended with purify and Geranium can promote a feeling of calm. Geranium is the master healing oil for anxiety and stress.

Energy Shift ~ Our energies can be depleted by negativity surrounding us. This unique blend is designed to shift your energy, raise your vibration whilst keeping you grounded, positive and connected. Rosemary and Lime are known to promote feelings of positivity and grounding.

Directions: Shake before use. Spray above your head and around your body, let the scent of the oils flow into your energy field, inhale and enjoy. 

Note: Clary Sage cannot be used if pregnant

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Mood sprays

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