Bamboo cloth


Organic bamboo dishcloth – the best eco-friendly alternative to cotton and microfibres. Biodegradable, naturally antimicrobial and odour-resistant.

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Keep your home and the planet clean with our bamboo cloth. It’s biodegradable and odour resistant. Therefore, it’s beneficial not just for you but also for the environment. Ideal for kitchen or bathroom cleaning. Use with our other dishwashing products, which you can find via our Eco dishwashing Box of Swaps, all items are also available to buy separately.

We love these little unassuming cloths, hard wearing and a great cloth for cleaning down worktops in the kitchen or bathroom, they really cut through the grease and grime.

7 Facts about Bamboo cloth

Still using cotton dishcloths? Here’s why you will love bamboo even more!

1.) Bamboo is naturally bacteria resistant.  Using bamboo helps prevent germs from multiplying.

2.) It’s odour resistant. Since bamboo can fight bacteria in a natural way, it means it can get rid of odour too!

3.) Studies show that bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton.

4.) In addition to that fact, bamboo also dries five times faster.

5.) Even the finest cotton can’t compete with organic bamboo. Bamboo can hold three times more of its own weight than cotton.

6.) It’s more breathable than cotton.

7.) Bamboo is also hypoallergenic. This list of benefits goes on!