A variety of eco friendly, plastic free eco cleaning products. A range of products, including a natural cream cleanser made by Colt and Willow and their potty spray for sprucing up after little ones. Compostable cloths, woven dishcloths, bamboo cloths, pot brushes, pan scrubs all make up our best, most durable cleaning cloths for everyday cleaning in the home.

Our woven dishcloth and hemp pan scrub are handmade items, made by our Worcestershire supplier, both of which can be composted when they reach the end of their usefulness. Our wooden pot brush is durable and hard working, for cleaning workstops and pots and pans, working on hard to clean dirt and grime.

Great products for every room in the home to clean thoroughly whilst cleaning naturally and reducing waste in the process. Ideal for eco conscious shopping, our products are perfect for eco swapping made easy.

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