Preloved Children’s Clothes

Preloved children's clothes

In these unprecedented times during lockdown, all our usual shopping habits have changed. Not necessarily for the worse though. Eco friendly shopping can be easy if you know where to look and the preloved clothing market is growing, especially preloved children’s clothes. We’re finding that we are being much more deliberate in what we are shopping for. We also currently have a bit more time to check the all important credentials to make sure that what and where we’re buying from are as eco friendly as they can be.

Children’s clothing

Children’s clothing is an area which people are still needing, children grow rapidly, especially young children who grow out of clothes before they wear out of them. We came across a great company called Merry Go Round Children’s Clothes, who run a preloved clothing business. They are sending out ‘Preloved by Post’ boxes, a capsule wardrobe of clothes selected by the Merry Go Round team, based on your preferences.

Meet the Merry Go Round Team

The team behind Merry Go Round are Sarah and Lindsay, sisters, with four young children between them, so they know how quickly children grow out of clothes! During the first three years of their lives most children grow through seven clothes sizes! Not only is this is pretty expensive for parents with the continual need to buy new clothes, it can also result in a huge amount of waste being sent to landfill and therefore has a massive impact on the environment. By giving outgrown children’s clothes a second chance, we can all do something simple to help protect the environment.

Preloved children's clothes
Merry go round preloved children's clothes team
Preloved children's clothes boxes

The story behind the business

Here’s what Sarah and Lindsay say about the business; “with so much focus currently on fast fashion and the harmful effects of the textile industry to the planet, we really wanted to do something to help us all do a little bit more towards saving our planet. As busy mums it always seems there is never enough time in the day to get all the jobs done as well as enjoy precious time with our children. The pile of clothes our children could no longer fit in but were still in perfectly good condition was constantly growing, but we lacked the time to sell them on.
In addition disastrous shopping trips to the high street with children in tow would often be frustrating, stressful and unsuccessful. The inspiration for Merry Go Round came about as a result of our experiences of these problems.”

How the clothing boxes work

The team pack the boxes to include the brands, styles, colours that customers love and leave out anything that they don’t like. All the clothes are in good quality, preloved condition and are a good mix and match selection, which will work together to create a number of different outfits to make life simple and to cut down on waste.

At Eco-Able we’re always keen to find businesses which share our ethos of cutting down waste and keeping items out of landfill. We love the idea of clothes having more than one or two lifespans and anything that helps busy parents to save time and money, whilst doing good for the planet, is something to be shouted about!

To find out more or order a Preloved by Post box please click

If you’ve a pile of outgrown clothes in good condition and would like to order a clear out bag please click here for more information

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