This Christmas we’re thinking about all of the ways we can be less wasteful and more eco friendly, with this in mind we’re sharing our top plastic free wrapping tips.

  • use reusable gift wrap, such as fabric wrapping, you can find ours here
  • if using paper wrapping, make sure it can be recycled and doesn’t contain glitter or plastic in the coating and make sure it goes in the recycling bin and not the normal rubbish bin!
  • use paper tape for wrapping as this can be recycled too with the paper
  • use ribbon or string instead wherever you can and reuse it
  • use reusable gift bags, fabric ones are great as they can be washed and reused, but any paper ones can be flattened and reused
  • get your family and friends onboard with plastic free gift wrap too, that way you can share the gift wrapping each year
  • upcycle any fabrics you have at home into gift wrap or gift bags
  • if posting parcels, use paper or cardboard to protect your packages and paper tape to seal the box.
Plastic free gift wrap
Upcycled tote bag

Feel free to tell us about your top plastic free wrapping tips too and other plastic free Christmas ideas.

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