This time last year, I hadn’t really started my eco journey. My sister was just about to embark on Plastic Free July and I remember chatting with her about how hard it was to find plastic free options. The biggest challenge was finding things in one place, rather than having to shop around.

The more we chatted over the course of that month, the more I began to think that surely there could be an easier way to shop and to be more eco conscious. Not being able to find anywhere, that was the moment that the idea for Eco-Able was born. I remember driving up to Edinburgh as my youngest was about to perform at the Festival. Bouncing name ideas around in the car, that was where and when I set up Eco-Able.

Just do what you can this Plastic Free July

I’m not an expert in climate crisis, and I think that’s okay. I’m just one person trying to do better and (I hope) helping others to do better too. Without judgement.

Our lives are so busy and it can be really time consuming finding great eco friendly products. I wanted to collate a group of products which were cost effective and stylish as well as being mindful of the planet. It’s important to me that the products we sell not only have an eco ethos, but that they look great too. We spend time, money and energy on getting our homes to look and feel great, I didn’t want to compromise on style. 

I’m always mindful that it can be really hard trying to do everything well. Parenthood, work, relationships and being less wasteful! With that in mind, I always advise that people take small manageable steps on their eco journey. We can’t always do it all, but we can definitely do something. Every little thing that we do, builds towards a better world. A less wasteful one and one which will be around for our children and their children. 

My Top Tips

So if you’re embarking on plastic free July, whether at the start of your eco journey or an experienced zero waster, here’s my top tips.

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Do the best you can
  • Take simple manageable steps to reduce waste
  • Be mindful that it’s a journey, a few backward steps won’t hurt as long your travelling forwards longterm.

Follow these and the world will thank you. 

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