Planning ahead this Christmas

planning ahead this Christmas

It can be difficult trying to live more sustainably, there’s so much to consider and think about, but this Christmas I want to share how planning ahead this Christmas is the ultimate sustainable hack!

It’s kind of obvious that last minute shopping tends towards panic buying, so this year even if you haven’t started yet, you can still plan ahead and cut down on the impulse buys.

First off make yourself a list of people to buy for, then jot down your gift ideas next to their names. If they have sent you ideas for them, then shop with specific things in mind when you do your shopping. Take a day out of your schedule to browse the shops and keep your list to hand. Don’t get sidetracked!

For those difficult to buy for people, a gift voucher or gift experience voucher is a great way to buy them a gift they can then personalise for themselves whilst cutting down on waste.

Don’t be swayed or tempted by sales items as these are often things that your loved ones won’t really be interested in even if they are cheaper, I always think it’s better to buy one thoughtful gift than lots of cheap things.

I sometimes start my Christmas shopping in January and buy something each month, to spread the cost and get things that I know will be well received. I know this doesn’t work for everyone and children, especially can change their minds twenty times before the big day. I like to buy what I call ‘heirloom’ gifts as well, so I’ll be thinking about gifts which can last a lifetime. For things like this, books and personal decorations can be great gifts to get. Each year I buy my children a Christmas decoration so that when they have their own homes one day, they’ll have their own things to create their Christmas traditions.

Even if you leave your shopping until the last minute, you can still shop smart simply by planning ahead this Christmas, even if it’s just a little bit, making lists and getting organised is really the ultimate way to do Christmas more sustainably. So get those notepads and pens out or create your spreadsheet on your laptop and get planning.

What tips do you use to have a more sustainable Christmas? Let us know, chat to us on our socials and we’ll share your top tips too.

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