8 non-gift gift ideas

8 non-gift gift ideas

This year you might be wanting to gift differently, with that in mind I wanted to put together a few ideas for non-gift gift ideas.

1 Gift vouchers – this is still a spend but it means that your recipient can hang on to the vouchers and put towards something they really want or need

2 Theatre or cinema vouchers or tickets are a great way to gift an experience they’ll love

3 For your partner, put together some great date day/night activities, then they can choose one that you can do together, this can be no spend ideas for things

4 Subscriptions – these are a great idea as it means your recipient will get to enjoy something all year, book subscriptions are great as well as activity ones like the national trust membership or wildlife trust

5 Meal invite – invite friends or family for a meal, you could make fancy invites, and cook their favourite foods

6 Activity gifts are great, such as experiences, spa days or football tours, there are lots of great offers available

7 Offer your skills – baking, cleaning, gardening, sewing, whatever it is give someone the gift of it. You could make some vouchers so they can redeem them for your time

8 Trips out – Plan a trip you know they’ll love, theme parks, bird watching, picnics, sightseeing, whatever they love to do, make a day of it!

There are so many ways to gift differently, so have a go at some non-gift gift ideas.

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