So, you had just started your eco friendly journey and felt like you were getting the hang of it, but how do we maintain living sustainably in lockdown April 2020. The  worldwide pandemic breaks and the country goes into lockdown. The things that felt important suddenly feel a bit less so and simple things like, shopping for food, are hard enough.

We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can help during this time, as we know many of you still want to take those small steps towards a more sustainable way of living. We want to share the things that have worked for us in the hope that they’ll be a comfort to you during this difficult time.

First thing for us to say is, ‘Don’t be too hard on yourself’, it’s really important that we focus less on all of the things we aren’t doing or are able to do and instead take a look at the things that we are doing. On a very positive note, less travel overall and individually, less car travel, is contributing to a reduction in air pollution across the globe. This is a positive impact that we are making just by staying at home! We’ll take that as a win.

We’re all able to waste less food currently too, as we’ve got a bit more time to cook and can involve the whole family. With some essential items being difficult to get hold of, we’re finding ways to stretch out our food, so that it lasts longer and we waste less. Social media is awash with amazing recipes, cook alongs and tips for nutrition too. We’ve personally made things that we never thought we could, and with food waste being top of our agenda for this year, it’s a really great thing to keep on top of and relatively easy too.

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While we’re all spending more time looking after our homes and gardens, there are lots of things we can do to make this work for us. Get the whole family involved too. With waste and recycling centres temporarily closed, it’s a great time to upcycle and repurpose old furniture or other items around the house. Improving our homes and gardens not only saves money and keeps things out of landfill, but it also creates a calm space for us to be in, helping our overall mood and that of our loved ones too.

Another positive impact that we’ve seen is that there are many more local options for buying food available. Local food producers, restaurants and shops are all working hard to provide local communities with local produce. Cutting down food miles as well as creating community cohesion feels like such a great thing to happen out of these circumstances. Supporting local businesses really helps the local economy as well.

Having more time as a family gives us all a chance to work together, whether that’s cleaning, cooking, recycling or more, getting children involved in our eco journeys is a great teaching tool, building a for a future generation who have a greater awareness of the need to live in a more sustainable way. Children are so aware of the need to live differently and by working  with them, we can learn so much too.

It’s a scary time undoubtedly and we can all feel a bit overwhelmed by it. Our best advice is to look at it all in small chunks, take it hour by hour and day by day. Also looking at the things that we can do now to make a positive future can also help us to feel more in control of what’s happening. There’s so much good we can do and focus on during this time, all of it making a difference, even those small steps. Most of all, be kind to yourself, you’re doing the best job you can.

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