We know it can be difficult at the start of a new year to know what to focus on and how to live more sustainably. So we’re sharing our January top tips to give you 5 simple things to focus on. Starting small can really help sustain your goals long term.

1 Focus on what you can do locally – from recycling to day trips, there is a wealth of local information to help you to make the most of where you live. Ask the neighbours, friends and family to find out the information you need. Your local council will have information on recycling and local groups will also be able to help with collection points and free cycle sites.

2 Get out and about in your locality – where you live is such a great place to start your sustainability journey, look at what you can get involved in.Local food banks, allotments and community initiatives are all there waiting for your support. A great way to explore what your local community has to offer and how you can get involved to help support the area in which you live.

3 Consider holidaying in the UK – if you’re lucky enough to get away for a holiday, one of the best ways to live more sustainably is to fly less and travel locally. By exploring the country we live in, we can cut down on emissions whilst finding some incredible places on offer, to make wonderful family memories and to make a difference.

4 Walk more – leaving cars and buses behind is a great way to cut down on emissions and to get fit and be more healthy in the process. Whilst it’s not always practical, especially if we travel for work purposes, there are lots of easy ways to cut down our car journeys for leisure or other reasons. Walking is so good for us and by trying to maintain a regular step count, it can make a huge impact on our health as well as the planet.

5 Pick one small change to make that you feel you will be able to sustain long term – sometimes just focusing on one small change, we can really feel that we are getting on top of our goals. When we try to do too much, we can end up with burnout and feeling overwhelmed. So we definitely think that be successful in one area can really help us to reach more goals long term.

What ways can you come up with yourself to live more sustainably? Write them down on a piece of paper and share with friends and family. You can then look back on them in a month’s time and see the progress you’ve made.

You can find all of our blogs about sustainable living and lifestyle tips to help you on your way, not just in January, but every month, HERE.

As a business we support our local wildlife trust, they have some great ideas for local activity days, you can find out more by visiting Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.



January top tips

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