If you’re wondering what to focus on this month, then you’ll find our February top tips helpful. We’ve broken down the month into 5 top tips to help with reducing food waste with overripe fruit. We love easy ways to reduce waste, plus these taste good too, so it’s a win win for us.

1 Make smoothies and milkshakes – if you have fruit or vegetables which are past their best and don’t look great to eat as they are, then pop them into smoothies or milkshakes. This is a great way to get fruit and vegetables into your diet without too much effort. It really helps in using up things which are past their best.

2 Make pies and crumbles – use up fruits in pies or crumbles, such a lovely way to bake and keep the family happy at the same time!

3 Use them up in a sauce for desserts or main course – use them in sauces, for fruits these can be used for desserts, such as compotes or jam style sauces and for vegetables you can simple cook and blend up to make base sauces for curries, stews, salsas, pizza bases and so much more. Vegetables are so versatile and can be popped into your favourite meals to make a healthy addition.

4 Make an old childhood favourite like banana custard! – such a great way to use bananas which might be a bit too soft for eating. 

5 Use up in muffins or breads and get the kids baking – adding fruits or vegetables to baking is a great way to make things like breakfast muffins or mini cakes and lovely tasty breads and the benefit is that the whole family can join in to create their favourites. 

Focusing on one area each month can really help to make living sustainable more manageable. Small simple steps such as the ones in our February top tips, makes it easy to sustain and keep doing. We love supporting your efforts in cutting down on waste and living more sustainably, so feel free to get in touch or tag us on social media with your efforts. Working together we really can achieve more and have some fun along the way.

For more in depth goals and tips for sustainable living, you can find all of our blogs HERE.


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