For many of us, we are getting used to life in lockdown but are missing some of the celebrations that we usually look forward to and celebrate with others, so we’ve been looking at eco friendly home celebration ideas. There are some great ways to enjoy lockdown with at home and have lots of fun in the process. Whether you’re missing prom or graduation or a birthday celebration, you can host a virtual party and make it eco friendly too.

Use what you have!

It seems like an obvious tip, but it really is the best way to make any celebration eco friendly. Now more than ever we really want to celebrate special moments and events. It can be done without spending lots of money on single use, throw away items. For easy decorations, use old newspapers, magazines or even old books to make bunting or hanging decorations of any shape (stars or flowers) can look really effective. Simply cut out your desired shapes and glue or tape onto string for hanging. You could glue them together for a more 3d effect. Bring the outside in, use flowers from the garden, to decorate the table. Add some twigs to a vase or jug and hang decorations from there to make a statement decoration.

eco friendly home celebration ideas
Handmade decorations
Cocktail making ideas

To make some easy fabric bunting, which you could use again, cut out triangles from any old fabric, clothes, tablecloths, bedding and then either stitch or staple onto ribbon. If you are having an outdoor garden celebration you could use some PVC fabric. If you have an old coated tablecloth you could cut this up, it’ll fair a bit better than normal fabric in any wet weather. We’ve made a fabric wreath which is super simple, using an old metal hanger and scraps of fabric and ribbon tied all around to make a lovely decorative wreath that will work for any occasion. You can find our video over on our instagram page if you’d like further instructions on how to make it.

Use your food as decor!

Make bright and colourful platters of fruit and vegetables in patterns or shapes to make edible table decor! That way there is zero waste and the table still looks beautiful.

Make your own gifts.

There are loads of simple gift ideas. You could make your own gifts, there are loads of simple gift ideas. Make a body scrub or hair mask. Food gifts are always well received too and simple jams and biscuits are easy to make and well received.  Another gift idea for birthdays or graduations is to make a photo collage or memoboard, add special memories or notes from virtual party guests to make a gift that your loved one will treasure forever. You could ask virtual guests to send over photos for you to print out. 

Get dressed up.

Getting dressed up and feeling great, makes your celebration feel more like a real party and get inviting your friends too (in the virtual sense of course), tell them a start time and play games together. It makes it feel more like a celebration when you get others involved! You could plan the menu together so that you all eat the same things and can chat over canapés! You could make your own photo booth; all you need is a wall or garden backdrop, add in some dressing up bits, such as hats, glasses or scarves, or make your own from card and use your phone timer. If you don’t have a tripod, you could get inventive to make something that you can pop your phone or camera into to take the photo, or take it in turns to take the photos.

Make your own cocktails and mocktails.

Simple cocktails are really easy and you can use whatever you have to hand. You can make a great peach cocktail with some tinned peaches, gin and Prosecco or sparkling wine. Blend some peach slices and add to the gin with some crushed ice, allow the ice to melt and pour into your glass, then top up with fizz. You could make this one alcohol free too. Make decorations from fruit and pop onto the side of your glass!

We recently celebrated our youngest’s prom night at home! Deciding, that if you have a brand new prom suit, you should most definitely wear it! We all cooked a different course, had cocktails, took photos, invited guests and sat out under the stars. Making memories, having fun and enjoying time together, even in the virtual sense, is definitely making the most of the current situation.

Whilst having a birthday in lockdown or missing out on prom or graduation might seem a bit gloomy, with eco friendly home celebration ideas and some planning, they can be the events that we all remember the most. Hosting your own virtual party can be a lot of fun. Take lots of photos, let your imagination run wild and finish the evening with sitting out under the stars if you’re lucky enough to have a garden or balcony. It will be an event to remember and help you to feel connected with friends and family. The best part of it will be that you’ve been able to celebrate waste free!

If you’re looking for special cards to send for loved ones you can’t be with, you can find our cards selection in our eco stationery section.

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