What Others Say About ‘Away’

We are delighted to be able to share some of the great reviews we have received about ‘Away

“I think it’s adorable and I wanted it to carry on and to find out how they used the plastic bag and can…but I suppose that is the next book.”

Jo Wood

“I loved the pictures and the words are nice. It made me sad that animals could get hurt if we aren’t putting out rubbish in the bin.” 

Grayson aged 4

“The book is wonderful. Really made the kids stop and think. It’s poignant and beautifully done. The illustrations are stunning and the simplicity of the black and white really speaks volumes.”

Frankie, Student Midwife

“The pictures are so pretty and I love the way the words tumble along when it says how the animals move along.”

Isla aged 8

“The importance of living sustainably is the most important message we can teach our children but it’s hard to know how and where to start when they are really little. ‘Away’ is the perfect solution. It’s gentle and beautifully written and accompanied by incredible drawings that showcase the impact poor choices have on our planet. I’ll be buying as gifts for all my friends with young children.” 

Kate Starkey, Mum of 3

“I liked the words and how they all made special sounds. And the animals in the book. The bunny was my favourite. It helped me learn to reuse things.”

Lila aged 5

“A wonderful book that explores the perils of plastic usage. Vocabulary choices that will encourage discussion and development. A superb children’s story that will delight and inspire the next generation of thoughtful eco-warriors.”

Miss Sarah Jones, Head of English at Rendcomb College

“My children listened to this enthralled, it has a really great pace. Afterwards we had a good conversation about where ‘away’ was, and what the animals thought of it all. The illustrations are utterly gorgeous and the concept of plastics and rubbish and the impact on nature is really well brought to life. Thoroughly recommend it.” 

Helen, Project Manager

“This was a really lovely, gentle read. very thought provoking and the source of a good conversation with the kids. Such beautiful illustrations too.”

Harpreet Kular

“A wonderfully told story, and an ever more important one. Beautifully illustrated, a real feast for young eyes.”

Ashley Tocknell, Fundraising Manager, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

“A gently written tale which explores the impact of litter and waste on our precious woodland. The story offers a valuable resource to assist young readers in becoming aware of their own environmental impact.” 

May Walker-Wallis, English Teacher

“It’s a beautiful book and I enjoyed the story a lot. I am sad that there is no ‘away’ and I’m worried that the animals will hurt themselves if they try to reuse the can.”

Niamh aged 8

“I loved the pictures and the story, but sad to see that the rubbish never ends. I promise to pick up more rubbish on my walks.”

Elicia, aged 8 years

“”It made me realise and think more about what I ‘throw away’ and the length of time our waste stays in our world.”

Livia, aged 12 years

“This is such a beautiful book, wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated. It was a pleasure to read to my three-year-old son, George. George was enthralled by the beautiful illustrations and it’s got such a lovely message. A real gem, it helps to inspire useful conversations with our children about how we can work to make our world a better place.”

Ashleigh Clarke, Architect

“We enjoyed reading and talking about the simple but important story in this beautiful book, and my daughter was quiet and thoughtful listening to it. “Tha animals look sad, I hope they don’t get poorly.” The illustrations are beautiful.”

Rachael Kipling, Cotswolds Baby Co.

“Dani’s playful words cleverly capture the individual characters of the woodland creatures. As a creative teacher I can see lots of possibilities for further activities with my classes. As a mother I think this is a wonder of the book. It invites my children to adopt a careful and considerate approach to the planet that we share with each other and all living things.” 

Jen, Teacher and mother of three

“I really like the deer because (she) is so gentle and beautiful and we really have to look after (her). If we have a plastic bag we have to use it and use it and use it.”

Sylvie and Ferne, aged 5

“I read it with my son aged 6, “I’m with badger” he said. It was wonderful to read a book which talks to his age and puts into context the importance of these problems we face. The story offers children opportunity to question why this happens and look for their own solutions, while reinforcing positive living and a forward facing mindset. Brilliant.”

Kate, 33, Photographer

“This unique children’s book is beautifully illustrated and contains a compelling message at its heart. On the cover we see a delicately illustrated deer who leads us down a woodland path to a clearing. here we meet a group of woodland animals including a fox, a mouse, an owl and a badger, who are puzzled by a strange item – a plastic bag – that they’ve discovered in their natural habitat.” 

Helen Lennard, Copywriter

“The perplexed viewpoint of the animals brings home to the reader the book’s core message; when people have ‘thrown something away’ there is no ‘away’ – it will end up polluting our woods, oceans and other habitats, and affecting the lives of the blameless creatures that live there.”

Helen Lennard, Copywriter

“With a simple plot and striking monochrome colour palette, we aren’t distracted from this important message, yet children and parents alike will be charmed by the animals’ personalities that shine through the thoughtfully chosen words by Dani Seatter and the utterly charming illustrations by Anna Stead. A great way to introduce your children to an essential understanding of our impact on the planet and our joint responsibility to protect it.”

Helen Lennard, Copywriter

“The book is absolutely gorgeous – the illustrations are magic. And I love the use of words in the book – fabulous imagery. And a moral that doesn’t hit you over the head but does nonetheless get the message firmly across.” 

Jessica Fellowes - Author



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