You might not be surprised that I wanted to write about our new Eco-Able shop in Cirencester! When I started the business I had no idea where it would lead me and nearly 3 years in we have grown the business to the point of opening our first in person store. This comes just after we self published our own children’s eco book. It’s been quite the journey! And one I know that many of you have been on with us too.

Eco living

When I first set up Eco-Able it was with a view to help people, like me, trying to make a difference in a small way. I’m no sustainability expert and I knew that many of you felt the same as me, wanting to do more but not sure how and where to start. So that’s where my less waste, eco journey began. I can’t say I have achieved a zero waste lifestyle or that I always remember my reusables but I can say that I try as hard as I can each to do better each day. I know that lots of you are exactly the same.

Having the eco shop now means I get to meet more of you in person and answer your questions. But my messages are always open too to answer any of your product questions or to help with advice about whether something is suitable for you. I’m still learning on my eco journey, both personally and as a business. Trying to make good options and do what I can where I can, no matter how imperfectly!

I love to help too, as I know what busy family life looks like and the challenges we all face in becoming more eco friendly and convincing others to do so too. Here are my all time top tips for living a more eco life! If you simply stick with these, then you’ll be doing a great job.

  • Make friends with the plastic you already have – it’s here to stay so you may as well use it and look after it! Cut down on any new plastic products, there are some great alternatives out there, but if you have to buy more, then try to consider what you will do with it, can it be recycled or reused? Think of it as more of a long term thing than a disposable thing.
  • Swap to reusables when you can – if you can swap to reusable options, not only will it usually save you money over the long term, it will also save so much waste!
  • Annoy your fiends and family – okay don’t really annoy them, but don’t stop talking about the changes you’re making, how easy they are and keep asking them to embrace these changes too!
  • Recycle responsibly – don’t just chuck it in the bins and hope for the best, make sure you clean and sort properly so that they don’t end up in landfill anyway!
Eco-able shop
eco-able shop
eco-able shop

Keep in touch

Get in touch with us, let us know what you’re finding difficult, or what you’re winning at, chances are, you’ll be inspiring someone else. It’s like a positivity domino effect!! And if you’re local, pop into our Cirencester Eco-Able shop!

8 Silver Street, Cirencester, GL7 2BL.

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