10 tips for easy eco living

easy eco living

I’m really passionate about making sustainable living easy and practical, that’s why I’ve written my 10 top tips for easy eco living. I know that life can be busy and it can be difficult to do lots of things all at once, especially whilst we’re trying to manage working, family and personal life all at the same time. So my biggest tip is to do what’s manageable and take it slow if that works best for you. We can all do something, but we can’t always do everything.

So no matter where you are in your eco journey, here are my top tips for making changes to a more sustainable lifestyle. Things we can all do over time.

Ten easy tips

1 Switch to a reusable cup – by ditching single use cups, even if you only used one a week, you could save 52 from landfill every year by swapping to a reusable!

2 BYO bag shopping – bringing your own reusable bag/s with you can save on plastic and paper waste each time you shop, don’t be afraid to bring plastic ones if you have them at home, it’s much better to use them!

3 Shop second hand – shopping preloved for clothes, books, shoes homewares and gifts can make a huge difference to waste of our natural resources and it can also save money too (see in store for our preloved clothing)

4 Switch out the plastic toothbrush – swap to a compostable one or a bamboo one, much better than plastic ones which can’t be recycled

5 Turn off the lights – each time you leave a room, remember to turn off the lights, saving money and energy

6 Wash up without leaving the tap running – guilty on this one, I’m really bad at remembering this, but it saves such a lot of water!

7 Use reusable make up pads – a great swap to make, especially if you have a daily cleansing routine, as over a long period the wipes can work out cheaper too

8 Head out on foot – if you can travel by foot or bicycle even just for one or two journeys, that can really help reduce energy usage and emissions

9 Switch to reusable food wraps and bags – anything reusable is a good swap to make, saving on using single use plastic

10 Recycle what you can – have a recycling station at home to enable you to recycle easily, check your local curtsied recycling and try and implement a routine for others

Don’t feel like you have to do all of these at once. Pick one easy eco living tip, get really good at it, until it becomes second nature. Then pick another one and keep going like that. It’s way easier to stick to one thing consistently that try lots of different swaps at once!

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