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Choosing products which reduce our use of single use plastic and finding eco-friendly alternative products for everyday life can be a difficult process.

Our aim is to help you find easy alternatives and to test out products to help you make choices.

With so many options out there we bring you a wide range of tried and tested products that we think you’ll love.

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Giving Back

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust works closely with local communities, landowners and partners to deliver much-needed conservation work across 60 nature reserves, and within the wider landscapes of the county. This vital work encourages wildlife to thrive, including wildflowers, trees, butterflies, insects and animals.

The charity also delivers a vast range of events and projects across the county, as well as providing free public access to its nature reserves, enabling people from all backgrounds to spend time outdoors and get closer to nature.

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Eco = connected with the environment

Able = having the power, skill, means or

opportunity to do something

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